What goes on in Early childhood music classes?

A lot! Every activity has been carefully chosen for its musical, social, cognitive, aural, gross motor, fine motor and/or speech benefit to your child. Our classes use singing games, focused listening activities, simple instrument playing and movement to engage your child in the most beneficial way. Your child will have so much fun bouncing, dancing, singing, thinking and playing, while building their brains and gaining music literacy!

What if my child won’t sit still?

Young children are learning to move and moving to learn! Every class has a balance between sitting, moving, and playing instruments, which meets the needs of most children. Some toddlers have just learned to walk, and they do it almost constantly and at a high speed! Other children may quietly watch, observing but not participating for weeks on end. All children are learning if they are in the room! As long as your child is not posing a major distraction to other children and is not destroying anything in the room, let them wander, but model for them the activity we are doing. Most children eventually join in when they see how much fun you are having!

For some guidance on how we as grown-ups can make music class a great experience for our little ones, be sure to check out the Please & Thank You page.

How much does it cost?

Tuition for each 6 week session is $75. When compared to other early childhood enrichment classes in the Anchorage area, we offer quite reasonable prices. When you consider that music classes work towards developing the whole child, and when you consider that birth to age five is a critical time in development, our classes are a great value!

What about siblings?

We offer a sibling discount of 20% for siblings who are enrolled in a class together. The discount will be applied automatically during registration. 

Older siblings (over the age of 5) are discouraged from tagging along to our early childhood music classes. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of young children during specific developmental stages, and while it is enchanting to young children, older children become bored and often times become a distraction. Occasional exceptions are made to this rule with prior discussion with the teacher. Children over the age of 12 are welcome to participate along with the grownups.

Can Nimble Lark Music Studio teach classes at my preschool or child care center?

Yes! Miss Lacey is currently teaching music at several local preschools and is available for weekly classes within your early learning environment. Nimble Lark Music Studio is also available for occasional in-house field trips for those who want the fun of a music field trip in the comfort of their own school. In-house field trips are ideal for preschools, child care centers, in-home daycares, church groups, play groups, etc. More information can be found here.

Anything available for the big kids?

Yes! Although the main focus of Nimble Lark Music is early childhood, we have an option for big kids too. Find out more about Nimble Lark Ukulele Club here.